Monthly Cafe runs

Capital Corvette Club Inc. members enjoy cafe runs most months. These events allow members to enjoy a run in their Corvette (or other car in the case of inclement weather or additional passengers) followed by brunch or whatever you fancy and a good-up catch over recent and future activities. Great opportunity for those who cant get to monthly club meetings.

Please note:

All financial club members are sent fully detailed E-Mails of coming events in plenty of time to allow planning. If you are interested in becoming a club member and joining us on our club events, please use the ‘Contact Us’ page on this web site.






Upcoming Events

Here's a few events planned for members of the Capital Corvette Club Inc. during the next few months. Why don't you get the most out of your Corvette and consider joining us? We're a very social club and enjoy each others company as much as we do our cars! 


Corvette / MX-5 Run

- 11th March 2018

- Meeting at Summerhill carpark (time TBA)

- Heading to Masterton then onwards from there including a stop for lunch in Greytown

- Watch this space for more info!


Other Ideas

If you have an idea for a run, cruise or caravan please suggest it to the event organiser The more members who actively take part in this process will help make sure we have a variety of runs that will appeal to us all.





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